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The Municipal Association "Clean Town, Clean Municipality"

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The History of The Municipal Association

The Municipal Association "Clean Town, Clean Municipality" was created in 1998. It assembles 22 towns and municipalities from wielkopolskie and łódzkie voivodship with the whole area 2000km2 inhabited by 320 000 people. The aims of the Municipal Association is the preparation and the realization of the program which deals with solving the problem of community waste treatment. The program is complex and in accordance with European requirements. The fundamental issue of the program is to create a powerful waste management center through the building of Municipal Solid Waste Treatment and Neutralisation Plant “Orli Staw” in Prażuchy Nowe, Ceków Kolonia municipality. The Plant is located on 22 hectare area surrounded by the forest . The investor, the owner and the user of the area is Municipal Association “Clean Town, Clean Municipality”. What is more, the program contains:

The European Union’s Directives and Polish legislation which is being adjusted to it, impose the change of current waste treatment system in Poland. The Union’s directives assumes the limitation in collecting waste even on properly located and equipped landfills.

Executing this target, the hierarchy of proceeding with waste is assumed:

The fundamental link and element of the system are waste recycling and neutralization companies, which, because of economic reasons, should serve more than 300 000 people. Such company is the Municipal Solid Waste Treatment and Neutralisation Plant in Prażuchy Nowe implemented by Municipal Association “Clean Town, Clean Municipality”. The budget of this investment overspends federate governments’ financial possibilities. Taking into consideration various possibilities of gaining funding, the proposal of bailout from ISPA fund was put forward in 11th July 2000. After going through the accepting procedure application, Financing Memorandum ( the document awarding funds on cofounding the investment) was undersigned by European Union in 27th November 2002 and by the Government of Poland in 18th February 2003.