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The Municipal Association "Clean Town, Clean Municipality"

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The functioning of the Plant

The amount of waste which get from the Association area to the Plant is about 96 500 Mg/year. To the Plant will be delivered such community waste as:

The segregation on “wet” and “dry” waste will be in the future the basis of the selective collecting waste system, run by people in their households. All the waste taken away to the Plant will be strictly controlled in relation to the weight and quality, as well as, they will be recorded. The waste, depending on their morphlogy, will be send to particular system in order to clean and to process in the sorting equipment, dismantling and composting. This kind of technological sorting line is composed of: sorting cabin, drum screen, ferrous and non- ferrous metal separator, mix grinder connected with the system of conveyors and feeders, ended with peripheral equipments ( baler, container, loading station).

Turning machine for maturing compost is the main equipment in the tunnel compost facility. It works in hermetically sealed hall, equipped with temperature and humidity automatic control which is essential for the appropriate composting process. What is more, there will be the large size waste dismantling and construction rubble processing place on the area of the Plant. Hazardous waste, which will be segregated from the stream of community waste will not be neutralized, processed or developed in the Plant. They will be temporarily stored in the closed warehouse by the time there will be stored enough amount of waste which will allow to send it to specialist utilization company.